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Asian Eyes
December 26, 2008, 1:40 pm
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Giovanna went for her first eye exam today.  She has been complaining of headaches and with her being so late in reading, it seemed like a good idea.  She does have some near sightedness plus astigmatism, but the biggest issue was the way her eyes are designed.  Asian eyes, in general, have the lower lid much closer to the eye.  Giovanna’s is so close that the eye lashes are rubbing against her cornea and scratching it.  So we are now using a foam eye cleaner to help clear up the mucus build up which is also irritating the eye.  She goes back in two weeks to see if it has worked.  If not, then there will need to be some corrective surgery to pull down the bottom of the eye which should also pull the eye lashes off of the eye itself.