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Asian Eyes
December 26, 2008, 1:40 pm
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Giovanna went for her first eye exam today.  She has been complaining of headaches and with her being so late in reading, it seemed like a good idea.  She does have some near sightedness plus astigmatism, but the biggest issue was the way her eyes are designed.  Asian eyes, in general, have the lower lid much closer to the eye.  Giovanna’s is so close that the eye lashes are rubbing against her cornea and scratching it.  So we are now using a foam eye cleaner to help clear up the mucus build up which is also irritating the eye.  She goes back in two weeks to see if it has worked.  If not, then there will need to be some corrective surgery to pull down the bottom of the eye which should also pull the eye lashes off of the eye itself.


New Snow!
December 20, 2008, 9:49 am
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It is snowing today in Minnesota – a light fluffy snow that glistens.  At least that is how it started now the winds have picked up and it no longer a gentle snow!

But for an 8 year old girl who has had a fixator on for 2 months and now a candy cane striped cast – it is irresistible!  She really wants to go out in the snow and play, especially since she sees Thomas and Allen playing on the snow pile in the middle of the Cull-De-Sac.

Maybe later today or tomorrow we can get her outside to play!

Pictures from the past week!
December 12, 2008, 8:38 pm
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Time to play in the snow!

Time to play in the snow!

Ready to sled!

Ready to sled!


Fell off the sled!  What Fun!

Fell off the sled! What Fun!


Here is the Candy Cane Cast!

Here is the Candy Cane Cast!

Living with Fixators and their Challenges!
December 12, 2008, 8:17 pm
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After after having 2 fixators, I have learned a few things.  Simplicity is generally the best option – at least when it comes to dressing and having a fixator.  There are not many options really.  Giovanna has 2 pair of pants that snap up the outside of the both legs and that fit over the fixator.  So the bottom half is taken care of, which leaves the top half.  Since Giovanna tends to like to wear “pretty pink” things, it is helpful that the botton half is a neutral color (black or blue).  She has had fun picking out her tops to go with the bottoms.

But when it comes to going to church, Giovanna loves to wear very girly dresses – the frillier the better!  So different from her mother!  And we live in Minnesota which makes it even more of a challenge to figure out how to make the dress look “Pretty.” 

Sunday was the first time we were home since Advent began and she wanted to wear her new dress for Christmas and wouldn’t you know, it was one of the coldest mornings on record for this year!  So the task of figuring out how to get tights on her to keep her warm was given full attention.  But no matter how I tried to get the tights on, they would not go over the fixator – it was just too big and the wires were sure to put holes in the tights!  So we improvised and cut one leg of the tights off – it was a long dress and you couldn’t tell!  She was all smiles at church with her new dress, tights and nice girl shoes, not tenneys!

However going to play in the snow with a fixator are totally different.  We have lots of new snow which was just calling out to Giovanna to come play in the snow.  So the process of getting her dressed for the outside play time was begun.  First the regualr fleece fixator bag went over her foot, leg and fixator – this was for warmth.  Then came two target bags – to keep things dry and the snow stuff.  Her older brothers pulled her on the sled.  They were going fast enough that she fell into the snow.  She was laughing and having a ball.  It was a glorious time for her.

When she finally got cold, about 90 minutes and 2 brothers completely tired out later, she came in for hot chocolate and then a warm shower.  Life is good for her! 

As I watched her having so much fun, I was reminded of two statements that have been with regard to Giovanna at different points in her life.  When Giovanna first joined our family, we were told that she might never walk.  She has proved the naysayers wrong on this account.  Two years ago when she had her first fixator surgery and went sledding, the therapists said, “is there anything that slows her down?”  God’s fingerprints are all over her life and the evidences of Grace to her from God are amazing.  There is much to be thankful for

She’s Walking –
November 14, 2008, 7:45 pm
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Giovanna is beginning to walk on her fixator foot!  This is a huge step forward.  She has not been willing to do this since surgery.  However in the past couple of days, she has gingerly put some weight on her fixator foot!  Today she took a few steps early in the day.  Tonight she was walking down the hall way!!!!!

Another Run!?!?!?!
October 22, 2008, 6:10 pm
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While Giovanna was in the pre-op holding area, the team was talking about a race that several from the hospital were planning on running.  I asked a few details about the race.  I was asked if I wanted to run with the Shrine team – money comes to the hospital from the race.  I was interested but said I hadn’t run since the marathon a week ago.  After they got over the initial shock, they said “You will be fine and we run slow!”  I asked if Dr. G was going to run and that I would consider running if he did.  However I had forgotten that he slipped a disc in his back and his running days are pretty much over.

I was stopped in the hallway today and asked again if I wanted to run with the team.  After yesterdays run which felt really good, I am considering it.  I just need to get the details and see if it will work with Giovanna’s hospital stay/discharge.

Locks of Love
October 16, 2008, 4:18 pm
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Giovanna has been asking to get her hair cut.  I really like her long hair, but with surgery looming on the horizon, I knew it would be difficult to keep up the care that long hair requires.  Her hair was really long – she has enough to donate to Locks of Love, an organization that uses donated hair to make hair pieces for children who are battling cancer and lose their hair to Chemo.  So Giovanna went to get her hair cut today.

Before donating 11 plus inches!

Before donating 11 plus inches!

Eleven inches ready to donate!

Eleven inches ready to donate!

She was so excited for the appointment.  When we got to the Salon and were told that it was a 30 mintue wait – I thought she was going to cry at first.  To help pass the time, we went to Wal-Mart to get fabric for her new leg coverings.  She got to pick out the fleece and had a ball doing so.  By the time we got out of the store and back to the Salon – there was only a few minutes to wait. 
From the time she hopped onto the chair, the smile was from ear to ear.  When the braided pony tail was cut off and we were trying to get her to hold it for the picture, she did not want to touch it.  It took a bit of coaxing for her to hold her own hair!
So she is now ready for surgery – at least with regard to hair.  She loves her new hair style and couldn’t wait to get home to show it off to all of her siblings.  They will be really surprised when we go back to the hosptial.  Everyone commented on how long and beautiful her hair was.  At this point in time, ease of care is the name of the game – at least for the Mom!
The new look - she loves it!

The new look - she loves it!