Fearfully and Wonderfully made

Sometimes one wonders. . . .
September 24, 2008, 6:03 pm
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Sometimes one wonders what goes through a young child’s mind.  I have often wondered that when it comes to Giovanna and her limited ability to communicate.  I began to wonder even more over the weekend as I watched her interact with people and music in her native tongue.

A friend of mine works with a great ministry in the twin cities and has access to many many native Chinese speakers.  Finding one that likes to work with children who have not mastered either their native tongue or their adopted language can be challenging, but God is always working.  My friend has been attending Bible Study with a Chinese Believer who seems to have taken a liking to Giovanna and gave us a praise and worship CD in Chinese. 

Giovanna began listening to this CD over the weekend.  The effect that it has had on Giovanna is amazing.  She seems to be calmer as she listens to it.  She is beginning to try to sing the words to these songs and already has favorites from the CD. 

On Sunday we had lunch with my friend and her Chinese believing friend.  She was amazed at Giovanna’s pronunciation – especially that she has no accent!  She picked up on the tones and pronounced each work correctly and remembered each word!  We were able to clarify a few things and Giovanna not only learned to speak some words, but to write the characters for several words as well. 

Chiu-Fang is leaving for Taiwan soon and will be looking for more music tapes for Giovanna.  I think we may have stumbled on to something!


School has started
September 17, 2008, 12:53 am
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School has started and it is going to be an interesting year.  Giovanna continues to get some specialized help from the Public School system.  She goes twice a week for ESL, One-on-one language and Speech plus academic helps.  She also gets some occupational therapy as well.

There seem to be some significant issues that need to be addressed.  She is well behind in language acquisition as well as reading.  These have been ongoing issues for the past couple of years.  However over these first weeks of school, it seems like there is more going on that could be larger issues. 

For one thing, Giovanna has trouble sequencing the events of a story.  If one cannot sequence, this causes issues over the course of a life time – not just in school.  She is also exhibiting some symptoms of dyslexia.  I have to start doing some research to find some strategies for her to learn and to learn effectively. 

She will go in to see her primary doctor to discuss some of these issues and see what kind of testing we should do and where.  Then google will be getting a work out as I research strategies, etc. 

Pray for wisdom as we work through this school year.  She needs to work hard at learning to read as well as gaining more vocab and clarity in her speech.  This could be a very long year – but we are praying that God will give a break through and she will take off in her learning.