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Camp Splash – in Pictures
June 25, 2008, 2:52 am
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After an hour of swimming the kids are hungry and enjoy their snack time!






Giovanna working on her back float

while Dasaith (in the back) is working on the breast stroke. 


Kicking up a storm!


Gigi aka the fish







Giovanna the fish. 

Her swim teacher was amazed at how well she could swim!



Her class and the teachers.  The little boy sitting on the edge

also has arthrogryposis. 


Camp Splash – the Reunion!
June 12, 2008, 8:09 pm
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Monday was the beginning of Camp Splash at the Shrine Hospital.  Each summer in June they organize this camp for some of the patients.  They bring in instructors from Foss Swim School and each child has one-on-one instruction for the entire week.  It is amazing what they can accomplish in one hour per day for the week.  Giovanna loves Camp Splash.

We had been told that Daseith was going to be at camp and at the same hour as Giovanna.  I was excited to catch up on life – it has been a year since we saw the family – actually at Camp Splash last June!

Monday morning came, I was holding the door to the pool open so that  people could get in while Barb was looking for something to prop the door open.  Suddenly I hear, “Hello, been long time.”  That was the greeting from Daseith’s mom.  It sounded wonderful.

The first thing we do is compare notes on where the kids are:  Both have grown, Daseith is 5’3″ tall – taller than me, but not taller than his dad!  Both are done with school for this year and neither are doing Summer School – a first for Daseith and he is very excited about having the summer off.  Both are done with surgery – at least for now.  From what I have heard, Daseith is done for longer than Giovanna and maybe done for ever.  This means for Daseith – he is walking with a walker and out of the Wheel chair!!  And he is fast!  He has gained strength and confidence as a result.  On Wednesday, he tried doing stairs for the first time! He has always used the ramp to get in and out of the pool but on Wednesday, he wanted to use the ladder to get out of the pool – you know like regular kids!  With some effort, he made it – both parents were beaming at his success!

It was such fun to see the Gentle Giant, Daseith and the boisterous Chinese girl back in the pool again!  They had such a good time together.  You should have seen them shooting off the water canons – think water gun with an attitude! 

I hope to post pictures later!

School’s Out!
June 6, 2008, 4:25 pm
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School is out – at least for the summer!

Giovanna has completed her work at the elementary school.  She goes there 2 times a week for speech and language, ESL classes, academic helps and OT.  Thursday was her last day and we are very excited to have a couple weeks off.  She will continue to work on Phonics Tutor throughout the summer.  The goal is to get her reading soon. 

The next two weeks are busy.  She has swim camp next week and then we head to Pearlington Mississippi where we have gone for the past several years helping to rebuild after Hurricane Katrina.  Giovanna will help with Vacation Bible School and what ever construction projects she can.  She continues to be the ambassador for our group and loves spending time with the kids down there. 

Next week – Updates from camp.  We have been told that Daseith will be there as well.  That should be an amazing reunion.