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The Test Results are in
May 2, 2008, 5:58 pm
Filed under: Arthrogryposis

A little over a month ago, Giovanna went in to see a Geneticist.  We were trying to figure out what type of Arthrogryposis she had.  While we were there, it was decided to test to insure that there were not any other underlying genetic issues.  I was told there there are some chromosomal disorders that can also cause the sypmtoms that she has.  So Giovanna had tests to make sure that a) she had all of her genes, b) that there were no mutations, specifically on gene 19 and c) they were checking to make sure she did not have myotonic dystrophy – which is in the family of muscular dystrophy.

The results are in and she is normal on all counts.  Praise God for this good report.  She will go back next year to make sure that there are no major changes.   We are thankful for this good report.