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Off to School she Goes!
July 11, 2007, 12:55 pm
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These are the mysteries I don’t understand
I thank you Lord for the people who can
That’s why every day it is off to school I go
‘Cuz the more  I can learn, the more things I will  know

Those are the words from a Go Fish Song called “Planes, Phones and Microwaves.”  These words would be an adequate description of what school should be – a place to learn as a way to increase one’s knowledge.

However there have been many changes in the public school system since I attended many moons ago.  Giovanna is doing summer school this summer for the first time – every day from 8 AM to 11 AM for 3 weeks! 

In some ways, it is hard to believe that she is doing this and excited about it.  But then she is a social little butterfly – except for the first day that she went. 

On that first day, she hid behind my leg whenever anyone spoke to her.  She also cried “a bitsy” as she described it when I left her on her teacher’s lap after all the kids had gotten to her class.  

I understand why this was an overwhelming experience for her – she is the youngest of 10 students.  Most of the kids in her class are high school students – I think she is the only elementary student in this class.  Some of the kids knew each other from the regular school year.  I am not sure how the class assignments were made.  However she was happy when I picked her up on Monday after school.

The morning was pretty chaotic, to say the least.  We had received a letter from the district which changed schools – from the elementary school to the Middle School which is adjoining.  The teacher was supposed to call us before the session began.  However in talking with her she was out of town until late Sunday night and had not done any thing to prepare for this first day – not a good sign in my mind.

The drop off location was not specified and those that were supposed to  be helping us to find teachers/classrooms were not helpful.  So we were pretty much on our own.  So it is no wonder Giovanna was a bit disconcerted regarding “School”. 

She missed the next two days – we were out of town. 

Today she woke up early and was excited to go back.  She knew she needed to bring a snack and water bottle to school and reminded me frequently to get those in her back pack.  She also informed me that she would not cry this time.

The teacher said she did well today and was very talkative.  She had a lot to say about Papa!  However the teacher didn’t understand most of it. 

Pray that these next 2+ weeks go well and that she will actually get make some progress on her reading and  speaking skills.