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Camp Splash
June 28, 2007, 10:09 pm
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This is Giovanna’s third year attending Camp Splash at the Shrine Hospital in Minneapolis.  As the name infers, it is a swim camp and there is lots of splashing going on during this camp. This will most likely be Giovanna’s last year attending this particular camp – more on that later.

When Giovanna went to the camp her first year, she was a bit timid.  She had only been doing water therapy for about 3 months and was not as comfortable in the water.  My how things have changed in 3 years.  She is now a little fish!


Her swim instructor for the first two camps was Sergi – pictured above.  She learned a lot from him.  He did not return this year and Giovanna missed him.  However she quickly adjusted to Jason.  She had him a bit worried this year – he didn’t realize that she can swim the length of the pool with one breath! 


Giovanna and Jason

Giovanna has been taking swim therapy for a little over 3 years and Barb informed us that Giovanna would need to move on.  Barb has been saying this for several months.  On the last day of Swim camp, she gave us information about the swim program at the Courage Center.  Dasaith’s parents also got the same information.  When Dasaith and his family were leaving, his dad came up to me and said, “You got the same eviction notice.”  We both laughed.  We hope to have them in swim class together at some point.  Barb suggested the adaptive swim team for Giovanna – we will see about that!

For now, we are taking the summer off.  She is active enough these days that I don’t need the additional running!  One of the kids summed up Giovanna’s activities nicely, “You need to be a zookeeper to keep up with her.”

Pray for a good summer and for her to continue to build strength – she will need both if she is to have surgery after Thanksgiving.  More on that later!