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Baby Bunnies, Giovanna and God
May 3, 2007, 11:45 am
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Spring is finally coming toMinnesota. 

The trees are budding and leaves are beginning to come out.  The grass is green and plants are poking their leaves out of the ground – even saw some tulips while out running.  But the main reason I know that it is spring here – there is no snow on the groundJ.


With spring also comes the birth of baby animals.  Our back yard, specifically the garden was chosen to be the place where 3 baby bunnies were born.  Why a mother rabbit would chose to give birth to her babies in a yard that has a dog and lots of kids running through it, is beyond me.  Maybe she was a first time mom!


The kids found these baby bunnies because the dog had smelled them out and wouldn’t leave them alone.  Then Giovanna found them and fell in love with these helpless creatures.  It was very difficult to keep an inquisitive 7 year old away from the bunny den.  All the neighbor kids were brought in to see the newest additions to the Ayers family back yard. 

The kids learned all kinds of interesting facts about bunnies. For example, did you know that the mother bunny only comes at dawn and dusk to feed her babies?  That a bunny goes from infancy to adulthood in 3 weeks?  The startle response is very strong and it doesn’t’ take much to startle a baby bunny to death – literally!

Between the inquisitive 7 year old and a rambunctious dog it was too much for those little bunnies and they all died shortly after their discovery.  Giovanna, who is very loving and is learning to share, tried to give her little now dead bunnies to her friends.  However since most parents wouldn’t appreciate this sharing opportunity, it was stopped before it got out of handJ.

However, one little bunny managed to be put in one of Giovanna’s purses and into her closet it went.  Over time, her room began to have a very distinct smell to it.  She was questioned about it and did not admit to what she was keeping in her room.  The older kids had blown out some eggs and colored them around Easter time and so the theory was that the eggs were not cleaned out well and were beginning to smell. 

So out went the hollowed out eggs and the room seemed to smell better – at least for a few more days.


Then Gary, who rarely catches any of the smells around here, began to notice that Giovanna’s room didn’t smell right.  He noticed it on Monday and thought maybe it was a dead mouse – right idea, wrong animal.  But wasn’t sure how to begin to look for it in her room – especially at bedtime.  The next night the smell was overpowering and when he said something to me, all the pieces fell into place – dead bunny. 

It took some time to find Giovanna’s hiding place – she wasn’t willing to give up her precious little bunny.  She had big crocodile tears and they were coming fast as she began to realize that her “secret” was out and about to be taken away.  Once found and out of the house, Giovanna broke down and cried for about an hour, partly because she didn’t want to get into trouble, but mostly grieving the loss of her precious possession.  She did not want to hear that it was a health hazard.


As the smell began to permeate the house, I began to reflect on how our lives are a sweet aroma to God.  In II Corinthians it says, “We are the aroma of Christ to God, among those who are being saved and among those who are perishing.”  I began to see that when we walk in obedience to the Lord’s commands, we are a sweet aroma, pleasing to God.  It goes up continually to the Lord, similarly to the incense burned on the altar of Incense in the Old Testament Tabernacle, (at least that is the picture that came to mind.).  But when I choose to sin and go against God, I do not smell very good.  God will do what it takes to remove the offensive odor from our lives – as what happened with the now dead bunny that had taken up residence in Giovanna’s closet. 

We have a continual reminder of this simple truth in our house, at least until things get aired out in Giovanna’s roomJ. 

rabbits2.jpg  The Bunnies sleeping peacefully!