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Cast Removal and. . . ..
March 19, 2007, 10:30 pm
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Thursday was the day that Giovanna went in to have her cast removed and today (Monday) was her 7th birthday. 


Knowing what was scheduled for Thursday and what actaully could happen are sometimes two very different things.J.  The last time she had a cast removed was not a pleasant situation and she still remembers that time – some 2.5 years later!  As I began to talk with her about having her cast removed, she began to cry and say, ” No take off.  Hurt.” This statement reveals that it is still a very painful memory.  


Upon arriving at the hospital, Giovanna was not in a very good mood.  She normally greets the staff with her winning smile, but not this morning.  She did not want anything to do with cast removal.  I on the other hand knew that it needed to come off as it had gotten wet several times and was not smelling very good! 


We got to the cast room and Sarah, having been told of her fears was excellent at telling her what to expect, what she would feel and even gave her the opportunity to let the infant saw “buzz” over her hand, to which she promptly shook her head no.  When the saw first touched her cast, she began to scream and cry, but being intensely curious, she began watching and stopped crying.  The only time she reacted was when Sarah touched her toes to get her bearings – so to speak.  She did really well and the cast was off in about 15 minutes!    


Once the cast came off, it was amazing to see her foot – straight and flat for the first time in seven years!  The tears flowed quickly once the cast was off and she stood on her “new” foot for the first time.     As the tear ducts continued leaking, I was reminded of another who cried over this little girl and seeing her walk.  Our friend Doug led the team that went to China and to the orphanage that Giovanna was in.  He saw her for the first time stateside shortly after she had begun walking.  He was also moved to tears by this little one.


It is amazing to think of how far she has come in the 4+ years that she has been stateside.  Some of you reading this may not remember what her feet were like when she came.  I have been told that a picture is worh a thousand words – so here is the picture of what her feet look like when she came:   


And this is what her feet look like now: 

Post surgery - March 2007 


Her left foot is straight and flat – almost perfect – like the master designer’s orginal design.  The right foot still has some issues.


The surgeon’s last words, “So I get to do this to her other leg in a few months.”


So we will be going through the Ilizarov again – on the right foot.  At the moment the thought of doing this whole thing again is overwhelming.  I know that God will give the grace needed when we need it – not before.  Gary has stated that we won’t even consider doing surgery until after Thanksgiving – he wants Giovanna to have her summer! 


Praise God with us for all He has done in this little girl’s life.  She has endured 5 major surgeries in 4.5 years.  Surgeries have become part of life in the Ayers family.  May God be glorfied as we walk through the  next one later this year.